October 6, 2013

HOLIDAY COMPETITION AND TACTICAL TRAINING CAMP ANNOUNCED; Open for all Junior Competitive Players 9-17,  December 20-22, 2013; Charleston, S.C. Coach Chuck Kriese has announced his 2013 Total Tennis Training Competition and Tactical Training Camp. On-court and Off-court Decision making, Momentum Control and match-flow tactics, Shot-selection strategies and Tournament Scheduling Strategies will be the focus of the camp. The Camp will take place at 'The Citadel.'  The three day training session is open to all youngsters  who wish to improve their knowledge and skill-set for competitive situations.   Registration and Sign-up can be done by email at: t3camps@yahoo.com  ; or on www.chuckkriese.net registration page or by calling 864-710-6973.
best email for registration is Clairekriese@yahoo.com



Coach Chuck Kriese's T3 Coaching Certification Course Announced:  On January 3-5, 2014, in Charleston, S.C., Coach Chuck Kriese will be conducting his T3 Coaching Certification Course for coaches, teachers and tennis enthusiasts.NOTE
Total Tennis Training Certification will be the course content. This course curriculum offers multiple facets for team and individual coaching including: Technical proficiency for movement, recovery steps, stroke production, fitness training and more. Tactical proficiency for shot selection, momentum control and pressure decision making will also be a focus. Team coaching proficiency in team practice planning and structure; scheduling for players team and individual competition excellence and more. .   A session on mental/emotional toughness for competition will also be held. All participants will receive a copy of Coach Kriese's 'Coaching Tennis' which is largely regarded as one of the most complete coaching book ever written.  The 'Coach Chuck Kriese T3' Coaching Certification Course will take place at 'The Citadel.'   Coaches, teaching professionals and tennis enthusiasts can sign up for the course on-line by email at:  t3camps@yahoo.com  ; or by going to the www.chuckkriese.net registration page   or by calling 864-710-6973.Best email for registration is clairekriese@yahoo.com THIS COACHING CERTIFICATION COURSE HAS BEEN CANCELLED - PLEASE CALL COACH KRIESE FOR INFORMATION ON UPCOMING COURSES AT 864 710 9928

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